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Avana is a top plastic surgery center in Miami located in the heart of the city. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including cosmetic procedures in high demand, and innovative aesthetic treatments to meet your most challenging cosmetic needs. At Avana Plastic Surgery, we sculpt the new you with artistry and skillful hands. Our primary goal is to produce subtle or dramatic results in line with your most cherished aesthetic goals, always keeping in mind your safety and satisfaction.


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Avana Plastic Surgery immerses patients in a world of luxury, personalized attention, and exquisite transformation. From our welcoming receptionists to our skilled surgeons, Avana is dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and empowered. We build confidence from the inside out. We treat every makeover with the care and precision it deserves so that our patients look and feel how they always dreamed of at the end of their beauty journeys.


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At Avana Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Miami provide a comprehensive selection of rejuvenating procedures for the body, breasts, and face. With their extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, our surgeons have established a renowned reputation. Rest assured, we are devoted to delivering the desired aesthetic results you seek, prioritizing your safety and comfort throughout the process. Choose the best plastic surgeons in Miami.

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Avana Plastic Surgery makes it easy to prepare your beauty journey from the comfort of your home. We offer online resources regarding payments and financing and personalized guidance for out-of-town patients. Our staff facilitates the journey for traveling patients by organizing virtual consultations and guiding patients in proper aftercare. We are available to answer any inquiries or concerns so you can plan your journey with peace. of mind.

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