Breast Reduction Miami

Breast Reduction Miami

Breast Reduction in Miami is a popular cosmetic procedure performed at Avana Plastic Surgery. The techniques used for breast reduction are very varied; all of them seeking a high position of the areola, as well as a narrowing of the base to achieve a natural shape.

Breast Reduction in Miami is a popular cosmetic procedure performed at Avana Plastic Surgery. The techniques used for breast reduction are very varied; all of them seeking a high position of the areola, as well as a narrowing of the base to achieve a natural shape.

In this article, you will find what a Breast Reduction Miami can do for you, from the candidates, cost, types of procedures, risks, recovery, and more exciting information to know about this recommended surgery for women who expect new and better breasts.

Who is a good breast reduction candidate?

Women who benefit most from breast reduction surgery are those who have the following problems:

  • Women with chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain that causes them to take pain medication.
  • Women who experience chronic skin irritation and rash under their breasts are good candidates.
  • Nerve pain.
  • Limitation of activities.
  • Women with low self-esteem because of the large size of their breasts.
  • Difficulty finding suitable bras and clothes.

Breast surgery is not recommendable if you:

  • Smoke.
  • You have disorders such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • You are very obese.
  • You want to avoid having breast scars.

Breast Reduction Miami
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Your initial breast reduction consultation

In your Breast reduction consultation at Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami, medical history, and a general check of the patient is made. Also, the patient and the surgeon discuss your aesthetic goals, any medical conditions, allergies, medications you're taking, and past surgeries. Apart, the surgeon will take photographs, consider your options, and recommend the best course of treatment. You will also be explained the risks and complications that may arise with your particular procedure.

How to prepare for your Reduction Mammoplasty

Before surgery, you should keep in mind that the surgeon will ask you to stop taking anticoagulant medications. You shouldn't take acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen, warfarin, among others. You may also be asked to stop smoking in case you do since smoking slows the healing process and increases the risk of problems.

During the day of the surgery, follow the instructions on when to stop eating and drinking, take the medications that the surgeon has recommended with a small sip of water, wear loose clothing that is buttoned or zippered at the front and reach on time to the hospital.

Miami Breast Reduction Surgery

You should know that breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure that is usually performed under general anesthesia. It typically takes three to five hours, depending on breast size and the surgical technique implemented. Also, there are different options for breast reduction procedures available. The type of breast reduction procedure can be customized for each patient according to the physical exam, their personal goals, and the unique circumstances of life.

The types of incision used in breast reduction may vary depending on the amount of excess tissue that will be removed, the position of the nipples, and what your surgeon considers best for you. Generally, the surgeon makes an incision around the areola and down the breast. Then, the surgeon proceeds to eliminate the excess of breast tissue, fat, and skin to reduce the size of the breast. You should know that the nipple and areola will remain attached to the chest, but if the breasts are very large, the nipple may need to be removed to return it to a higher position.


There are three different incision options:


The excess volume in the breasts affects many women, and it can lead to a series of inconveniences in their daily lives, leading to severe discomforts such as backaches, as well as aesthetic problems, which lead to breast reduction surgery.

The anatomically perfect breast is as follows:

  • Size 90, cup B or C, and the volume of 282 ctm3.
  • They should keep a distance from the area of the halo to the center of the clavicle from 19 to 21 cm.
  • The ideal is not to talk about specific measures, but about proportions customizing each morphology.
  • The hips are also important. A woman with wide hips can wear larger prostheses.

Based on the measurements and the breast cavity, the prosthesis is chosen, which each case requires and allows so that it is as natural as possible. The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to provide women with smaller breasts and with a more proportional way to the rest of their body to reduce these problems. That's why the reduction of the breasts will be based on the stature and the proportions of the patient, and it's an individualized process based on the characteristics of the patient's body.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Although a breast reduction is a very common operation, it is still an important intervention and therefore requires some recovery time:

  • During the first days, a series of bandages and gauze should be used that cover the areas where the incisions have been made. After a few days, these bandages are removed to help your skin heal.
  • In the course of the first weeks, the patient must wear a special surgical bra for this type of intervention.
  • Between the first and second week, a specialist will take care of removing the stitches from the scars.
  • During the first months, there is a possibility that the breasts are inflamed and sensitive; you may even experience some pain derived from menstruation. If that is the case, your surgeon can prescribe an analgesic to relieve this discomfort.
  • Also, in the recovery phase, medical consultations will be held at 3 and 6 months to keep a progressive control of the surgery.
breast reduction miami

Results after Breast Reduction Procedure

A successful breast reduction can significantly reduce the pain that the patient may suffer in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. You may also increase your ability to participate in physical activities and foster a more positive self-image.

To be able to appreciate your final results, you should wait a period of 6 months to 1 year, since, before this time, it is likely that the breasts are still swollen and inflamed because the breast tissue is manipulated significantly during the surgery

Although breast reduction is permanent, hormonal changes and gravity can alter the results of surgery. As time goes by, the breasts will continue to grow, and the skin will lose elasticity. This means that your breasts will continue to age, as will the rest of you. However, this effect will not be the same as before.


The average cost of a Breast Reduction Miami range between $3,500 to $7,000. Prices vary by surgeon, geographic region, the complexity of the procedure, and insurance coverage.


Many health insurance plans can cover breast reduction surgery. That's because even though the operation is cosmetic, breast reduction has medical benefits, such as relieving chronic pain. Not every patient's surgery is automatically covered, and insurance companies often require the removal of a minimum amount of tissue for it to be considered a medical procedure.

Choose a surgeon from Avana Plastic Surgery

If you think that you have large breasts, you may choose to undergo breast reduction surgery to relieve discomfort or achieve breast size proportional to your body. So, if you feel motivated and want to get a better breast shape, you have to schedule an appointment with our specialist plastic surgeons. They will be pleased to talk to you about all the benefits, risks, complications, and better procedures of a Breast Reduction that may help to achieve your desired goals. Do not hesitate to call today to Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami, the best option for you.

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