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A reduction mammoplasty, more commonly known as a breast reduction, is very similar to a breast augmentation only with a very different purpose. Instead of augmenting the breasts, a breast reduction is used to lift and restore breasts that have sagged or drooped over the years.

This article will cover the most important aspects of breast reduction Miami such as techniques for this procedure, types of incisions used during surgery, recovery, and some important questions our patients tend to ask. Unlike many cosmetic surgeries, a breast lift or a breast reduction can sometimes be covered by the patient’s insurance if the procedure is needed for medical reasons such as back pain or if the condition is taking an emotional or physical toll on the individual.

What is a breast reduction?

This procedure is frequently chosen by women who have breasts that are disproportionate to their body frames or women who have given birth and whose breasts never went back to the way they used to be before pregnancy. Very similarly to women who have a small chest and want larger breasts, women who have abnormally large breasts often opt to remove a portion of the breast to have a more proportionate and natural looking bust. Not only is a breast reduction intended to reduce the size of a woman’s breast, but can also be used to perform gynecomastia, which is the removal of breast tissue found in men.

Breast Reduction Miami before and after photos

Warning. May contain nudity

Breast Reduction Miami before and after

Warning. May contain nudity

Breast Reduction Miami before and after

Ideal Candidate

Unlike many cosmetic surgeries, an individual usually knows whether or not they need a breast lift or breast reduction surgery. This is because often a breast reduction is performed only to correct substantial breast development. Many women prefer augmenting their breasts, but when a woman has naturally large breasts, it can cause many emotional and physical complications. Large breasts may cause unwanted attention along with episodes of back pain and chafing between the chest and the abdominal skin. Ideal candidates for breast reduction Miami are between fifteen and older depending on the excess development of breast tissue. Candidates should be in good standing health and should be free of any life-threatening diseases.

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Breast Reduction Cost

The cost of a breast reduction involves several fees such as the facility fee, anesthesia fee, and surgeon’s fee. The surgeon fee is hard to determine as the price is based on the surgeon’s expertise and the nature of the procedure. The cost can vary from $5,000 to $7,000, which includes anesthesia fees of $1,000 to $1,500 and facility fees from $500 to $2,000 but it does not include the surgeon’s fee. When more than one procedure is performed, the total cost will be more but much less when the procedures are done independently.

Breast Reduction Procedure

How is a breast reduction performed?

A breast reduction can be executed through a variety of different techniques and methods. Some people will find specific techniques more beneficial for their situation yielding the ideal results. Just remember that every surgeon has mastered and skillfully perfected a particular technique for the breast reduction procedure. Therefore, once you have decided upon a breast reduction procedure, you should schedule a consultation with a board certified surgeon to discuss which technique will be used on you and how it is more beneficial than other techniques or methods available.

Breast Reduction Techniques

The three distinctive techniques used are not necessarily techniques, but rather incision methods used to lift the breasts:

  • Anchor incision – This incision provides the most noticeable breast lift by elevating the breasts to a higher position. It also allows easy removal of excess skin. The incision resembles the nautical anchor. It consists of a variety of surgical cuts around the areola and near the outer edges. Once at the center of the areola it proceeds downward past the inframammary crease. The anchor incision is most commonly used on women who have a longer distance from the crease of the breast to the nipple and on women who have a significant sagginess in the breast. It’s considered the most invasive technique but also the one that yields the best results.
Breast Reduction
  • Lollipop incision – This incision is called the lollipop because the incision is made around the areola and is then brought down vertically from the lower center of the nipple. This method is used on women with large, hanging breasts that may not need a lot of breast tissue removal. It offers many advantages, such as less scarring, it preserves nerve connection and blood flow to the nipple, and milk ducts will also remain intact.

  • Crescent incision – The crescent incision is one of the least invasive breast lift methods used, and this is because it is most commonly used on women who have normal sitting breasts but whose nipples are facing downward. This technique involves a very small incision yet the options for alteration are limited. A cut is created outside the northern pole of the nipple in the shape of a crescent moon to remove any excess skin between the breast and the nipple that is causing the downward position. Patients with larger breasts may not qualify for this procedure. Generally, patients with minimal sagging or patients who wish to improve the position of the nipple seek this technique.

  • Circumareolar incision, also known as Benelli or Donut incision – This technique can help reshape the areola. The method is executed by making an incision throughout the entire circumference of the areola. That approach may not work on women looking for a more dramatic change. It is more applicable to patients seeking a moderate breast lift. The good thing is that the areola’s dark color can easily hide this scar.

Before Reduction Mammoplasty

Choosing to undergo a breast reduction procedure is one of the first steps to a more confident and self-empowered woman. This decision can have different meanings for many women, but at the end of the day, it is a decision that will cause unimaginable relief. Now all that is left to do is prepare for the big day. The first thing potential patients need to do is quit smoking. Patients are also suggested to begin taking vitamins such as vitamin C twice daily or as advised by your doctor. You should also refrain from taking any blood thinners such as ibuprofen and aspirin. These medications can cause complications during and after surgery. Patients will be given a prescription. It is highly recommended that these prescriptions are filled before the surgery date to ensure a painless recovery.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Being well informed as to what to expect or how to take care of wounds after surgery can increase the chances of a patient being satisfied with the results of this procedure. Similar to any cosmetic surgery, recovering from a breast reduction can take some time. Patients should be aware that they will experience some discomfort and pain for the first couple of weeks, but it should not last more than two to three weeks. Patients will wear a pressure garment until they have been told otherwise and exchange it for a sports bra or bandage provided by your surgeon.

Breast Reduction FAQs