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Dr. Moradian is going to perform a lipo 360 procedure to a patient who also wants to correct a previous breast reduction surgery. Doctor Moradian explains about the procedure while marks the areas where he needs to remove the fat. Watch the video.

Avana Plastic Surgery es la clínica de cirugía cosmética con la tecnología más avanzada del Sur de La Florida. Instalaciones de primer nivel, cirujanos certificados, realizamos todo tipo de procedimientos cosméticos incuyendo cirugías de reducción de peso como la de manga gástrica. Contáctenos al (305) 501-6000.

Dr. Moradian answers quick questions about his preferences, likes, favorite things to do, eat, watch, and other interesting information about himself. Know the human being behind the professional.

Tummy Tuck by Dr. Moradian. In the video, you can see Dr. Moradian performing one of his favorites procedures to do, an abdominoplasty. The 1-2 hour surgery restores the abdominal wall and removes the excess of skin.

Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva are two entertainers who choose Avana and Dr. Abuzeni for their transformation. Both are mothers and wanted a mommy makeover to embrace their beauty. Watch the twin's realty video.

Leticia video testimony. This patient underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure with Dr. Earle, she is very happy with her new body and thinks that Dr. Earle did a great job. Schedule your fat transfer procedure today

Meet Dr. Moradian, a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures and weight loss surgeries such as the gastric sleeve. Dr. Moradian is also highly trained in minimally invasive techniques.

Patient testimonial. This patient is really happy with her cosmetic surgery journey at Avana Plastic Surgery. Very respectful, helpful and nice staff were some of her compliments about our clinic. View more in the video.