Javana desired smaller and lifted breasts, but she was uncertain about how her previous surgeries could impact her wishes. In this video, she shares how she found Dr. Mameniskis, who alleviated all doubts and confidently said, Let's fix this.Don't miss the video to learn more about this type of procedure at Avana Plastic Surgery.

For a successful breast augmentation, the choice of implants matters significantly. In this video, Dr. McDaniel explains the advantages of Gummy Bear Implants over other more traditional types. And yes, you'll also learn why they are known by that name and not by their technical designation: cohesive gel silicone breast implants. Take a look.

How many times have you stood in front of that piece of clothing and ended up going home without it because that neckline doesn't suit you? Watch this video and imagine how much your wardrobe would change with the breast augmentation from Avana Plastic Surgery.

In this video, Dr. Joshua Scurlock reveals some personal tips for hiding incisions from procedures like BBL or liposuction. He prefers using areas that will be covered by clothing even in intimate moments or places on your body where detecting a small incision mark will be practically impossible. Take a look at the video to see how you can achieve the desired look without having to deal with undesired scars or the questions from the curious.

In the field of plastic surgery, every case is unique. In this video, you will witness how Dr. Scurlock carefully tailored a mommy makeover, taking into account the patient's specific characteristics. The outcome? An elegant neckline and firmer breasts.

What no one has told you is how to achieve it. Look no further: with Avana Plastic Surgery's lip fillers, every smile becomes a spectacle. Just take a look at the transformation in this young patient's smile. It's your face, it's your smile: let them shine.

Many patients come to Avana Plastic Surgery seeking a breast augmentation with a natural appearance. The woman in this video was one of them, and you can now see the final result after surgery with Dr. Luster. If you need a reference, this procedure was performed using 320 CC implants. The choice is yours.

Impressed by the breast augmentation results performed by Dr. McDaniel, this young woman decided to travel from Orlando to Miami to see it with her own eyes. In this video, you can witness how her dream cleavage looks and decide if you want to achieve yours too.

Avoid uncomfortable questions with the transumbilical breast augmentation. Science has found a way to lift and rejuvenate your breasts through the navel, leaving no scars near the breasts. We explain it all in this video. More questions? Check out our article on breast augmentation through the belly.

The wonder of motherhood comes with the toll it takes on your breasts. The loss of volume and tissue distension can result in saggy and drooping breasts. The patient we present in this video successfully reversed these effects with a breast augmentation surgery. Discover the details provided by Dr. Scurlock regarding the selection of implant types and incision areas.

Experience long-lasting results for your abdomen, breasts, and arms. The mommy makeover showcased in this video could be the perfect solution to achieve a youthful and healthier appearance for your body. With Dr. McDaniel's expertise in this type of surgery, you can trust you're in the hands of a specialist. Don't wait any longer, transform yourself today!

You will perform them daily starting from the day after your surgery to reduce pain and relax your muscles. Guided by the expert hands of two members of our staff, this brief tutorial will teach you how to properly care for your new breasts. Remember, maintaining a good postoperative exercise routine can help prevent complications such as capsular contracture.

Keisha states this in her video testimonial, just 5 days after her Mommy Makeover. She confesses that she waited for 20 years for her surgery but finally decided on Dr. Luster at Avana Plastic Surgery. Pain? Very little. Mobility? The next day. This video could be the boost you've been waiting for.

In this live video, we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Moradian about his professional career and learn more about the human being behind the great surgeon. He clarifies many important cosmetic surgery questions that people ask him through our social media platforms. From pre-op to surgical questions related to the most popular procedures he performs, such as BBL and Tummy tuck.

Choose the procedure that suits you best. How do I know if I should have a Tummy Tuck over Lipo 360? If you don't have experience with aesthetic procedures, you may achieve the wrong goals with the surgery you chose. In this video, Dr. Scurlock explains his experience in guiding patients about these kinds of differences. Watch his advice, and you'll know how to choose between Tummy Tuck and Lipo 360.

Angel was not satisfied with her abdomen. After a Tummy Tuck at Avana Plastic Surgery, she got rid of all that excess and saggy tissue. Here's her testimonial after the surgery with Dr. Scurlock. Patients with similar problems can take advantage of an abdominoplasty procedure at our cosmetic surgery center.

In addition to reducing volume in extremely large breasts, patients like the one showcased in this video can also experience a rejuvenated bust and increased firmness. Imagine leaving behind troublesome back and neck pains, while also enjoying the added benefit of an elegant neckline. Witness the results in this video.

If you're curious about breast lift surgery, this video is for you. In this summary of a procedure by Dr. Mameniskis, you'll see in detail the different stages of this cosmetic process, favored by many women who go through motherhood and seek to restore the aesthetics of their chest. There are other details you should be aware of, such as the various types of incisions. You can find more information on our website.

The professionals at Avana Plastic Surgery know exactly what to do to keep a patient safe during a BBL surgery. It's not just about monitoring vital signs and ensuring all parameters are stable. As Dr. Mameniskis points out in this video, the key to ensuring safety in a BBL procedure is to correctly place the fat into the gluteal area.

A Renuvion J-Plasma representative showcases the functioning of this cutting-edge technology, targeting sagging in specific body areas. Some people confuse J-Plasma with PRP treatments, but they are not the same. The representative clarifies that J-Plasma should not be confused with PRP treatments, as they are distinct procedures with unique benefits.

The skin tightening achieved with J-Plasma is a process that may not be suitable for all patients. This video will provide you with a better understanding of the procedure. It can be a viable solution if you prefer to avoid more extensive procedures such as a Tummy Tuck.

Renuvion J-Plasma® is an advanced technology that allows getting great results in skin tightening. In the video, doctor Moradian performs an HD lipo in the abdomen and arms and shows us how J-plasma technology works. Learn more in the video.

Claire talks to us about her Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with doctor Moradian which was performed 11 days ago. She is very grateful to the doctor and also to all the Avana Plastic surgery staff. Watch her video testimony.

In the case of liposuction, as Dr. Mameniskis explains, you should focus your expectations on a more contoured body. Is it possible to lose weight with liposuction? In this video, the Dr. addresses this common question among prospective patients.

Want to know in simple words what is a Brazilian Butt Lift, doctor Mameniskis explains in this video the essential concepts related to this popular cosmetic procedure. We'll only give you a hint that the process involves reusing your own body fat. Watch the video.

Zélie Timothy is an influencer, model, and Instagram star who choose doctor Moradian and Avana Plastic Surgery for her breast augmentation procedure. She wanted to look natural and Dr. Moradian guides her to the best options for her breast implants. The video is a testimony of her cosmetic surgery journey for every stage of the surgery process.

In the video, Dr. Moradian performs circumferential liposuction or lipo 360 on a patient. The areas of lipo treated are the abdomen, waist, back, and arms. You can watch the whole journey from preo-op to the final results in the video.

Assisted by Dr. Moradian, young Amalia is heading for her Lipo 360 surgery at Avana Plastic Surgery. She has gone through all the preoperative stages, and finally, the day has arrived. In this video, you will witness first-hand her surgery: preoperative, inside the operating room, and in the postoperative consultation. Don't miss this fascinating process and, above all, the results.


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