BBL Revision Miami

BBL Revision Miami

With the rise of the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), many people have been able to sculpt their dream curves and achieve a more shaped silhouette. But what happens when the initial procedure does not fully meet expectations or when an improvement is desired? It is precisely the moment when the BBL revision in Miami comes into play.

What is a BBL Revision?

A BBL revision, short for Brazilian Butt Lift revision, is a surgical procedure designed to improve or correct the results of a previous BBL. This procedure may involve correcting asymmetry, removing or adding fat to the buttocks, and addressing complications after the first surgery. Whether the initial surgery did not produce the desired outcome or you wish to expand results, a BBL revision may be the answer to new and better-defined aesthetic goals.

BBL Revision Miami Videos

Video 1: Before and After Results

Before and after of a patient who underwent a second Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with Dr. Moradian.

Video 2: Fat requirements

Doctor McDaniel talks about the amount of fat transferred in a second round of BBL.

Why Do People Seek Brazilian Butt Lift Revisions?

A revision is the most advisable option whenever a patient is not satisfied with the results of their first BBL. Many patients assume that the initial Brazilian Butt Lift is the final result and spend years living in shame or sadness until they learn that they can undergo a revision. Here's why patients turn to a revision:

Unsatisfactory Results

Dissatisfaction with the initial Brazilian Butt Lift results is one of the most common reasons people seek revisions. Most patients seek a revision due to the "reduction" of their buttocks. In many cases, more than 25% of the volume can be lost by the patient during the postoperative phase. Whether it is the size, shape, or symmetry of your buttocks that did not meet your expectations, a BBL checkup can help you correct these problems.

Desire for Further Enhancement

Even though they are satisfied with their initial Brazilian Butt Lift results, some aspire to achieve much more dramatic transformations. Repositioning the prominence of the buttocks, achieving a rounder appearance, and more specific transitions from heart-shaped to peach-shaped buttocks – in short, a BBL revision in Miami can help accomplish the additional improvement you desire.

Fat Absorption

As mentioned above, in some cases, the body can reabsorb some of the transferred fat over time, leading to less voluminous buttocks. The key objective of many patients is to have prominent but rounded and symmetrical buttocks. A butt augmentation revision surgery, without a doubt, restores lost volume and maintains the desired shape.

Butt Implant-Related Issues

At some point, many patients decided to opt for a butt implant as part of their initial gluteal augmentation process and have experienced complications or want a change in the size or shape of the implant. We also recommend considering a fat transfer procedure as revision surgery to address these dissatisfactions, which is ideal in these cases.

Weight Fluctuations

Weight fluctuations are highly debated after a BBL and raise patients' questions about whether they should undergo a revision. Both weight gain and loss affect the transferred fat and can cause the fat cells to shrink or expand. Considering this factor, the appearance of the buttocks may be affected and require revision to recover the desired contour.

Body Shape and Age-Related Changes

Our body naturally changes as we age. Many of these changes are inevitable, although choosing the proper lifestyle can speed up or slow down this process. After the age of 30, the level of body fat tends to increase, as does the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin. That is why a BBL revision helps maintain youthful and shaped buttocks.


Complications that arise after the initial BBL, such as infections or asymmetry, may require a revision to correct these issues. Additionally, uneven fat removal leads to depressions, irregularities, and skin dimples, and thus, patient dissatisfaction is recommended to be addressed by a certified plastic surgeon through a Brazilian Butt Lift revision.

How soon can you get a BBL revision after your first procedure?

The ideal time varies from person to person and depends on individual circumstances. Generally, doctors recommend waiting between six months and one year after the initial Brazilian Butt Lift to allow the fat grafting process to take place efficiently and to observe the fat transfer results after recovery.

Candidates for a Second Round of BBL

Those considering a second BBL procedure should be in good general health and have realistic expectations. It is recommended the candidates not to smoke and to have fully recovered from the first Brazilian Butt Lift. They should also consult a board-certified surgeon who can determine whether a revision surgery can be performed, considering the patient's new demands.

Aesthetic issues that join the previous ones and that are part of the characteristics of an ideal candidate will also be addressed by the surgeon:

  • Loss of 35%-40% of buttock size within the six months following the surgery.
  • Healing problems.
  • Deep grooves or ditches are part of improper fat transfer.
  • Lack of symmetry, irregular contours, residual dimples resembling cellulite (lower buttocks and upper posterior thighs).
  • Presence of lumps that, although they resolve on their own with proper care and recovery, are a side effect of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

In general, if your glutes-to-body ratio is lacking, any of the above reasons makes you a candidate. If you are still unsure and considering a second buttocks fat transfer surgery that improves or corrects your previous results, consult with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at Avana Plastic Surgery. Get evaluated at no cost! Call and schedule your appointment.

How does a Revision BBL differ from the initial BBL?

A revision BBL differs from the initial surgery in several ways. During a revision, the surgeon works with existing scar tissue and may need to address issues such as fat resorption, implant adjustments, or complications from the initial surgery. The approach is tailored to the individual's specific needs.

Revision surgery is always more challenging. After a first Brazilian Butt Lift, scars remain, which may bleed more after the revision and be painful for the patient. When considering surgery of this type, patients should reflect on their expectations and clarify their doubts with their surgeon on issues inherent to the procedure.

Recovery from revision surgery is said to be faster, and although the results may be immediately visible, it may take 3 to 4 months for them to show due to inflammation

Steps for Getting a second BBL

Initial Consultation and evaluation of your previous results

The process begins with a consultation at Avana Plastic Surgery with the board-certified plastic surgeon you have chosen to perform your evaluation. Whether you are an ideal candidate for BBL revision surgery will be determined based on factors associated with your health and your first Brazilian Butt Lift results.

Your doctor will discuss with you the intended results of the surgery and will also talk to you about the critical steps you must follow at least one month before your procedure: no alcohol, no smoking, no blood thinners, or herbal supplements.

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

Before scheduling your surgery, a comprehensive medical evaluation will be conducted, including laboratory tests and other routine checks, to ensure that you are a suitable candidate without potential surgery risks and conditions that may impair your ability to heal or undergo anesthesia.

Your BBL revision procedure in Miami

As mentioned above, a BBL surgery revision involves correcting or perfecting the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift, usually performed by another surgeon.

Although performed under general anesthesia, this surgery is outpatient so the patient can return home the same day. The steps followed for the revision are as follows: Fat is extracted through specialized thin tubes known as "cannulas," which are then purified by being placed in an intensifying centrifuge; the result is purer fat cells that are reinjected into the body.

Due to the technical complexity with which a BBL revision must be carried out, we always recommend that patients put themselves in the hands of a certified plastic surgeon with experience in this type of surgery. At Avana Plastic Surgery, our Brazilian Butt Lift revision surgeons are recognized for their surgical skills and for achieving the most successful results for their patients.

Recovery and Follow-Up

Recovering from a BBL revision can be similar to the first Brazilian Butt Lift. To ensure a faster and more successful recovery, we recommend following the following guidelines:

  • Avoid applying direct pressure to the buttocks.
  • Wear a compression garment for at least the first three months after surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Maintain adequate hydration.
  • Eat a protein-rich diet to support your body's recovery, as liposuction removes blood fluid and fat cells during extraction.

Resuming regular activities might require several weeks, approximately 6, and the fat cells transferred during the revision may take more than 8 weeks to settle properly. Of course, if you follow all of your surgeon's instructions, you will guarantee an effective recovery, and 60-80% of the transferred fat cells survive during this process, and the proposed result is achieved.

Safety and Risks

Safety is essential in this type of surgery. Then, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in Brazilian Butt Lift revisions is imperative to minimize the risks, including infections, bleeding, poor healing, asymmetrical buttocks, fat embolism, nerve damage, and blood clots.

As for the BBL, the same standard medical protocol is followed for the BBL revision, which dictates that fat injections in the buttocks should be placed in the space just under the skin but never below the connective tissue fibrous nor in muscle. It is safer to inject the fat and avoid complications, such as a fat embolism, which could affect the heart or lungs if the fat were to reach the blood.

This kind of procedure should only be performed by specialists certified in buttock enhancement and augmentation.

What Results Can You Expect After BBL Revision Surgery?

The results of a revision surgery can vary from person to person. However, you can expect increased buttock volume, improved shape, and greater satisfaction with your overall appearance. Your surgeon will provide you with a clear understanding of what you can realistically achieve.


The average cost of a BBL revision in Miami is $5,700. At Avana Plastic Surgery, the price of a Brazilian Butt Lift revision ranges between $4,000 and $10,000, depending on the procedure's complexity. Call us for a free consultation with one of our surgeons to learn more about the cost of your revision procedure.

Financing Options

Avana Plastic Surgery also has several financing options available that fit any budget. Get in touch right away to determine your eligibility!

Contact our certified surgeons if you are unhappy with your results

If you are dissatisfied with your initial Brazilian butt lift results or have other concerns, contact BBL revision experts in Miami now. At Avana Plastic Surgery, our certified surgeons will guide you through the process to obtain the butt shape you have always dreamed of.