Lipoma removal Miami

Lipoma removal Miami

A Lipoma Removal Miami also known as, Lipoma Enucleation or Lipoma Excision aims to remove tumor growth within any area of the body which is benign in nature. This article will cover the ins-and-outs of this procedure, candidates, cost, frequently asked questions, best lipoma removal surgeons in South Florida and so much more!

What is a Lipoma removal surgery?

Benign Tumor Removal is a surgical procedure process that involves the removal of a lipoma within the body. Lipomas should be removed for functionality purposes such as decreasing pain, discomfort, and chances of becoming malignant.

Lipoma consists of a benign tumor cells predominantly composed of body fat fatty tissue overgrowth. Patients should not be alarmed at the site of a lipoma as it is the most common type of soft tissue tumor. This procedure is most often used to address physical deformities brought on by Lipomas in the arms, legs, and back.

This procedure aims to:

  • Restore visual appearance for aesthetic purpose
  • Relieve patients from annoyance brought on by lipomas
  • Ensure the lipoma removes is benign
  • To avoid the onset of cancers caused by lipomas (liposarcoma)

Lipoma removal Miami: Pre-op Instructions

The lipoma surgeon will provide a list of preoperative instructions, take a detailed medical history, perform a physical exam, biopsy (if necessary) and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Below are some general pre-operative instructions to follow before a benign tumor excision:

  • Stop smoking six weeks before the scheduled surgery day. Smoking slows the healing process and increases the risk of complications
  • Avoid certain medications and refrain from consuming alcohol
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs and Aspirin
  • Grow out your hair to cover scars
  • Plan to be driven home and taken care of the first few days after surgery
  • Fill and pick up all medications before surgery
  • Prepare at home recovery area with ice packs, meals, and pillows

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Lipoma Removal surgical procedure

Lipoma Removal procedures are typically carried out under local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia or sedation used in lengthy surgical cases. The use of local anesthesia allows for a quicker surgery and faster recovery time, so that the patient may resume normal daily activities promptly. Below we will explain how small sized lipomas are removed by the Enucleation technique and how large size lipomas are excised for removal.

lipoma recovery

Lipoma removal recovery and aftercare instructions

Recovery times vary from patient to patient. Therefore, the lipoma surgeon will discuss with each patient how long the recovery will be and when it is okay to return to work and normal level of activity. After surgery, patients will receive details instructions on how to manage normal symptoms, how to care for the incision, and potential signs of complications. It is extremely important to follow all instructions provided by the doctor at Avana Plastic Surgery and be fully aware of the recovery period in order to yield the best healing results.

lipoma removal cost in Miami

The cost of lipoma removal at Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami falls within the price range of $250 to $2000. Our skilled team is committed to providing safe and effective lipoma removal procedures, tailored to each patient's unique needs.

The cost of benign tumor removal varies depending on the surgeon, the geographic area, and the technique in which the procedure is performed, and the size of lipoma. Due to the fact that this is considered a functional procedure, insurance should cover the cost of the surgery, but Avana Plastic Surgery has financing plans available for those who do not have insurance. For more information on pricing, it is best to contact our staff through live chat or by telephone.

Cost of Lipoma Excision surgery at Avana Plastic Surgery includes:

  • Surgical facility costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medical/laboratory tests
  • Prescriptions for medications
  • Surgeon's fee

Risks associated with a Lipoma Removal Miami surgery

It is fairly uncommon for patients to experience significant risks or complications from this procedure. This surgery is typically performed without any major issues. But just like any other surgical procedures, there are some complications that patients should be aware of.

Some of these potential complications include:

  • Minimal Scarring
  • Allergic Reaction to anesthetics
  • Seroma or hematoma
  • Bleeding and infection
  • Change in skin sensation

Frequently Asked Questions of Lipoma Removal Miami