Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast Augmentation Miami is a popular cosmetic procedure performed at Avana Plastic Surgery. For some women, breast augmentation is a way to improve their confidence. For others, it is part of breast reconstruction due to various diseases.

One of the methods to achieve an increase in breast volume is by implanting breast prostheses behind the existing gland. Other methods use body tissues or fat transfer and are used, especially in Reconstructive Surgery.

In this article, you will find what a Breast Augmentation Miami can do for you. From the candidates, cost, types of procedures, risks, recovery, and more to know about this recommended surgery for women to improve self-confidence and feel rejuvenated.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the shape and size of breasts. It's the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States, and it's growing in popularity—the number of breast augmentations jumped 4% between 2017 and 2018 up to 313,735.

Women choose to enlarge their breasts to enhance a naturally small chest or to correct sagging and volume loss associated with age, weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Breasts will be larger, higher, fuller, and generally more youthful-looking.
  • Results are permanent, usually lasting well over ten years.
  • Breast implants are highly customizable, so you can select a size that works best for your body type and lifestyle. They're available in a range of diameters (widths), projections (how far the implant projects from the chest wall), and volumes (the amount of fullness). A surgeon can suggest an implant with a diameter, projection, and volume that's most appropriate for your body.
  • Correct an excessively flat chest.
  • This procedure can help to correct any imbalance between the breasts.
  • A Breast Augmentation will help you achieve a better appearance after pregnancy, also, after a dramatic loss of weight.
  • Another benefit is the reconstruction of the breasts after a mastectomy or after overcoming breast cancer. If you suffered an accident, breast augmentation is very beneficial.

Breast Augmentation Miami
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Breast Implant Surgery Candidates

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation has become the number one cosmetic surgery performed today. This step is generally a positive one for many women as it boosts their self-esteem. These women report satisfaction with their image as well as sexual satisfaction.

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation is that the person who is in a healthy state of health. They must also be psychologically stable so that they can develop an objective view of the results of the intervention. Women who wish to improve their silhouette because they don't feel comfortable with their small breasts are also good candidates to undergo a mammoplasty.

On the other hand, pregnancy itself or breastfeeding can leave the breast dropped and empty, so many women want to repair it. Breast Augmentation can also be used to eliminate the difference in size between the two and their reconstruction after breast tumor interventions. Cosmetic surgery is a breakthrough to correct this type of imperfections that often turned a woman's life into constant torture. Looking in the mirror is no longer a nightmare.

Breast Augmentation Case Results

Case 1: 415CC Breast Implants

High profile breast implants. 415CC. Under the muscle. By Dr McDaniel

Case 2: Silicone Breast Implants

High profile silicone breast implants. Two different implant sizes to treat breast asymmetry. By Dr Luster

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Discovering your Breast Implant Options

These types of implants are filled with sterile saltwater. They are inserted empty and then filled once they are in place. Saline breast implants are allowed for women 18 years and older for breast augmentation and women of any age for breast reconstruction.

Silicone implants are already filled with silicone gel, a thick and sticky fluid that mimics the sensation of human fat very well. Most women think that silicone breast implants feel more like natural breast tissue. Silicone breast implants are available for women 22 years and older for breast augmentation and for women of any age for breast reconstruction.

These implants are called bear-shaped rubber because of their ability to preserve a beautiful and natural-looking shape. The form of cohesive silicone used in these implants is less prone to rupture than many alternatives of silicone or saline, which gives patients beautiful and natural results that last.

Choosing the Right Shape and Size for your Breast Implants

When deciding to have a breast augmentation, the most challenging thing is to choose the size of the breast you want. Each woman is different, and different factors come into play: Height, weight, even the size of the chest. Some women want a full size, and others prefer natural-looking results.

So here are some tips to solve this problem:

  • Size is subjective. It depends on the patient's taste and what your surgeon can recommend.
  • Never get into plastic surgery without having done simulation in your own body of the possible results.
  • Breast augmentation simulation with real testers (trial prostheses): It consists of evaluating the measurements of your chest. A series of filling implants are then placed with a special bra so that it can be seen in the mirror and see how each size feels until the correct size is achieved.
Breast implant sizes infographic
Breast implants placement infographic

Breast Augmentation Miami

Preparing for your Breast Implant procedure in Miami

During the days before the surgery:

  • You may need to have mammograms or x-rays of the breasts before the operation.
  • It is likely that a few days before the operation, you will be asked to stop taking medication that makes blood clotting difficult.
  • Ask your provider what medications you should take even on the day of surgery.
  • You may need to fill painkiller prescriptions before the operation.
  • You will need someone to transport you home after surgery and help you at home for 1 or 2 days.
  • If you smoke, you must stop.

Types of Incisions for Breast Augmentation


subglandular breast implant

Subglandular breast augmentation

Is a surgery that involves the placement of a prosthesis behind the mammary gland, is located between the tissues of the breast and the pectoral muscle. This procedure is indicated for those people who want to increase the size of their chest. But have enough breast tissue so that the placement of the prosthesis does not produce a result that is too artificial and its edges are noticed.

submuscular breast implant

Submuscular Breast Augmentation

The prosthesis is placed below the pectoral muscle, being entirely covered by it. The doctor will make a small incision in the lower chest area to introduce the implant, so the scar is virtually invisible under the fold. This type of breast augmentation technique is the most practiced since it offers very natural results in sight and touch. It is indicated for those women who have very little breast and in which breast tissue is scarce.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

You should know that your breasts will be wrapped for some time in gauze dressings, and you'll wear either an elastic bandage or sports bra for support and to minimize swelling and speed recovery.

Pain can last for up to five days, with some soreness and swelling lingering for weeks after—but nothing major. Most people are back to work within a week and can resume regular exercise four weeks post-op.


There are several risks associated with breast implants, including implant leakage or rupture, seroma (fluid buildup), capsular contracture, wrinkling of skin over the implant, and poor positioning of the implant.

Additionally, a growing number of women report a constellation of symptoms—including cognitive issues, chronic fatigue, and joint pain—that's known as breast implant illness. While the FDA has publicly stated that studies show no evidence of breast implants causing these symptoms, research is ongoing to understand their cause better.

Something called "animation deformity" can occur with under-the-muscle implant placement, which means the implant moves around when you activate your pectoral muscles. So if you typically engage in a lot of upper-body exercises, you might want to opt for over-the-muscle placement instead.


The average cost of a Breast Augmentation procedure in Miami is between $6,000 and $7,000. Many factors may affect the price. Some of these are the type of breast augmentation, the experience level of the surgeon, where you live, and any additional fees—like the operating room, anesthesia, and post-op appointments. You should know that breast augmentation surgery is not covered by insurance.

Financing Options for your Breast Enhancement

In Avana Plastic Surgery, we offer you various financing plans so you can have the body you have always dreamed of. Get in contact today and discover the options we have for you.

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