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Even a proper diet and exercise routine may not be enough to get the toned abdominal appearance you want. In such cases, there is a procedure called abdominal etching to help you create a flat belly in no time. Thanks to abdominal etching surgery in Miami, you can now have the classic six-pack abs and define areas where fat tends to accumulate and stand in the way of you achieving the abdominal muscle definition you desire. Read on to find out more about what abdominal etching surgery in Miami entails, including recovery and the specific results you can expect.

What’s abdominal etching?

Abdominal etching, also called six-pack surgery, carves certain resistant areas of fat to achieve the ab definition you want and give the appearance of six-pack abs. Abdominal etching for women and men is almost the same. It’s an outpatient procedure, and one of the most common plastic surgeries performed nationwide. As the fat concealing your abs is removed through a targeted form of abs liposuction by using extremely small incisions, the contour of your abs will be beautifully and permanently altered.

Who is a candidate for abdominal etching?

A good candidate for abdominal etching must be in good health, relatively lean with a stable weight, and have realistic expectations. Patients with excessive weight to lose, and too much skin laxity may not qualify for this procedure.

The Ab etching procedure

The abdominal etching procedure is similar to VASER liposuction, where the surgeon injects a saline solution mixed with local anesthesia. The surgeon will outline the six-pack onto the skin in the abdominal area prior to starting liposuction. The sketch is used as a guide when the fat is removed to strategically leave fatty tissue behind and create the illusion of carved muscles.

Recovering from abdominal etching

The incisions for the abdominal etching procedure are minimal, so recovery is quite short and painless. It is normal for patients to experience drainage of a light pink fluid for the first 24 hours following surgery. In a few days, the binder placed during surgery is replaced with a compression garment, which you should wear for three weeks. Compression garments are quite helpful as they minimize space under the skin where fluid may accumulate post-operatively. It’s a great way to add that extra support and comfort you need during recovery, and nobody should notice you are wearing a compression garment under your clothes. Strenuous exercise such as weight lifting or any other activity that creates pressure to the abdomen must be avoided during the initial two weeks of recovery. Most patients go back to work in a week and resume their routine in three to six weeks.

It’s important patients don’t miss follow-up appointments to assess fluid collections or seromas. While seromas are a minor complication, they should be immediately treated if they occur. Minor complications only occur in about 22 percent of patients and seromas develop in 10 percent of patients, which can be managed by a simple office procedure.

Abdominal etching cost

Abdominal etching costs an average of $7,450 with all anesthesia, operating fees, and compression garment included. This procedure is more costly than traditional liposuction because it takes more time, and it requires more surgical skill to be completed. Unfortunately, your insurance doesn’t cover ab etching, but your medications may be partially covered. At Avana we have several financing options available, which will be discussed during your initial consultation.

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Get your six-pack

When endless hours of workout and a healthy diet still can’t remove the stubborn fat hiding underneath your abdominal muscles, and keeping you from having your six-pack abs, turn to a surgeon with skill and experience performing abdominal etching.

At Avana Plastic Surgery, we are selective and perform surgery only on patients whose general health and lifestyle will not interfere with surgery and recovery. Your safety is always our priority. We require a pre-operative assessment and physical examination to minimize risk and ensure you are ready for surgery.

We are committed to excellence and exceptional patient care and use only cutting edge technology to offer the best results possible for all our patients. For a free evaluation, call us today and schedule a personalized ab etching consultation with one of our talented surgeons.

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