Transabdominal Breast Augmentation (TABA) Miami

Transabdominal Breast Augmentation (TABA) Miami

In plastic surgery, advances and innovations are constantly expanding the possibilities of enhancing our appearance. Transabdominal Breast Augmentation (TABA) is a relatively new procedure that offers a unique approach to breast augmentation while addressing another common concern: abdominal laxity. In this guide, you will learn details of TABA, discussing its benefits, the procedure itself, recovery, safety, and cost, and talk about the best specialist in Miami for this revolutionary surgery and how to schedule a consultation with this doctor.

What is Transabdominal Breast Augmentation?

Transabdominal Breast Augmentation, commonly known as TABA, is a surgical technique that merges breast augmentation with abdominoplasty, widely known as a tummy tuck. One of the advantages of this technique is that no incisions are made on the breasts, as the implants are inserted through two small tunnels on each side of the chest, utilizing the incision made for abdominoplasty.

This innovative approach allows patients to achieve two aesthetic goals in a single surgery, making it an increasingly popular option for those who want to enhance both their breasts and abdomen simultaneously.

Benefits of TABA Surgery

The fusion of breast augmentation and abdominoplasty presents a series of advantages that contribute to the appeal of TABA surgery. Some of these benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Transformation: TABA surgery addresses two main areas of concern for many people, resulting in a more harmonious and balanced overall appearance.
  • Unique Recovery Process: Combining two procedures into one means going through only one recovery period, saving time and discomfort.
  • Boost in Confidence: Achieving desired improvements in both breasts and the abdomen can boost self-esteem, making you feel more comfortable in your skin.
  • Cost Reduction: You can often save on surgical and facility fees since you undergo one surgery instead of two separate procedures.
  • Scar-Free: As the incision through which the breast augmentation is performed is the same as that made for the abdominoplasty, you will have no scars on your chest or around the breasts.

The Best Specialist in Miami for TABA Procedure

When it comes to Transabdominal Breast Augmentation (TABA), Dr. Hasan is an expert in this revolutionary technique in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Hasan is recognized for his expertise in TABA and the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) procedure, making him the best option for those seeking advanced methods of breast augmentation.

Dr. Hasan's experience has made him a trusted figure in plastic surgery. He is a doctor committed to his patients and providing them with first-class care. Without a doubt, in the hands of dr. Hasan can only expect optimal results. If you are considering TABA surgery, consulting with Dr. Hasan is a smart choice to explore your options and create a personalized plan. Contact Avana Plastic Surgery now to schedule an evaluation.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation Through Abdominoplasty

Are you an ideal candidate for Transabdominal Breast Augmentation (TABA)? The suitability of this procedure is based on several factors, including general health, expectations, and aesthetic goals.

TABA candidates are generally in good health for elective surgery, have realistic goals, and can understand the limitations of the procedure. At the same time, TABA is advisable for women who do not plan to have more children in the future, as the results could be affected after pregnancy. It is also recommended for women with a mild to moderate degree of breast sagging and a short distance between the breast fold and the chest wall.

Finally, if you want to improve your breasts and at the same time get rid of your flabby abdomen, you can resort to this procedure. However, it must be remembered that a breast lift would be impossible and would have to be done separately. Only breast augmentation can be performed.

For this reason, it is better that a certified plastic surgeon specialized in this type of procedure evaluate your situation and provide appropriate guidance on whether transabdominal breast augmentation is the correct option.

How Transabdominal Breast Augmentation Works

Understanding the steps of the procedure involved in TABA surgery can help demystify the process and alleviate any concerns. Here is an overview of how the surgery typically unfolds:

It commences with a consultation with your plastic surgeon, wherein you will converse about your objectives, anticipations, and medical history. Various tests will be necessary to assess your health, and physical exams may also be required, as several studies have shown that this type of surgery is not recommended in patients with breast ptosis. During the surgery day, you will receive general anesthesia to guarantee a comfortable and pain-free experience throughout the entire procedure.

The first step consists of designing and marking the abdominoplasty incision, the inframammary folds bilaterally, and the tunnels (4 to 6 cm wide) for implant insertion.

Your cosmetic surgeon will create an incision along the lower abdomen, usually within or above the bikini line. This incision allows for both the placement of the breast implant and abdominoplasty.

Breast implants will be carefully placed through the lateral line, and upward toward the central inframammary fold through tunnels 4 to 6 centimeters wide that were marked beforehand.

Subsequently, an abdominoplasty will be executed, eliminating surplus skin and firming the muscles in the abdominal area, culminating in a more toned and flattened abdomen. The incisions are meticulously closed, and the surgical area is dressed. Combining breast augmentation and abdominoplasty in a single procedure simplifies the transformation process and minimizes the recovery time.

Recovery After Surgery

Recovery after Transabdominal Breast Augmentation is a crucial phase in the transformation journey. Here's what you can expect:

  • Postoperative Care: You will be closely monitored during the immediate post-surgery period to ensure your safety and comfort. The use of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited.
  • Compression Garments: You must wear compression garments to reduce swelling and support healing tissues.
  • Limited Activity: You should avoid strenuous activities for several weeks after surgery to facilitate proper recovery. Avoid sudden arm movements and rest as directed by your surgeon.
  • Healing: The incisions will result in some scars, but you will be provided guidance on scar management techniques to minimize their visibility. Do not neglect the hygiene of your wounds and avoid trying to lift heavy items.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Regular check-ups with your Avana Plastic Surgery doctor will continue until you have fully recovered and resumed your daily activities. Recovery experiences can vary from person to person, but Dr. Hasan and his team will guide you through the process to ensure the best possible outcome.


Although transabdominal breast augmentation may sound complex, considering that two surgeries take place in a single session, studies have shown that it poses no complications for eligible patients. Of course, entering a surgery room always has risks that may be associated with healing, inflammation, and infection.

However, remember that your safety begins precisely on the day you entrust yourself to an experienced transabdominal breast augmentation surgeon and continue with the postoperative care you must adhere to. At Avana Plastic Surgery, for your peace of mind, we have Dr. Hasan, a board-certified plastic surgeon, who works alongside a team of trained professionals to ensure a smooth and safe surgical experience. Our facilities where TABA surgery is performed meet the highest safety and hygiene standards. And most importantly, each patient undergoes a detailed consultation to assess their medical history and discuss potential risks or concerns.


The pricing of Transabdominal Breast Augmentation in Miami can be impacted by various factors, including the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon's level of experience. However, patients often find that the combined cost of TABA is more cost-effective than undergoing breast augmentation and abdominoplasty separately. Contact us now, schedule your appointment, and learn about our payment and financing options.

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