Butt implants in Miami

Butt implants in Miami

Nowadays, one of the most popular surgeries has been Butt implant, and in Miami, you can find several surgeons specialized in this type of procedure.

Sometimes, due to aging, weight loss, or another factor, you can feel sagging in your butts. That they lose a little bit of volume, that's why we offer you, here in Miami, a buttocks augmentation surgery, so you can get great results, a perfect look, and gain more confidence in yourself.

In this article, we will be answering all your doubts and questions. But remember that it is crucial to see a specialist surgeon at Avana Plastic Surgery so that you can personally get an evaluation of your case and find the best option for you.

What are Butt Implants?

Butt Implants, also known as Gluteal Implants, are artificial devices that a doctor place in your buttocks, to add volume, improve shape and contour, and look a natural shape. This procedure is an aesthetic plastic surgery, where a solid silicone is added to your butts, and with which you can get an augmentation of your derrière.

Thanks to this type of procedure, you can get permanent results and a firm projection of your butts. Butt implants surgery is an outpatient procedure where a professional surgeon makes an incision and inserts an implant in both sides of your buttock. As you will see across this document, there exist so many options to augment your butts, but the essential is to choose a procedure that fits better to you, and in the end, you will feel happy and comfortable.

Butt Implants in Miami vs. BBL

Butt Implants surgery is a procedure where silicone is added to your rear. A specialized surgeon has the ability to put this device inside your butts, in order to achieve your desired results. It is important to keep the indications of your doctor just to get an excellent recovery time and a perfect silhouette.

On the contrary, we also have a second type of surgery, with the difference that there is no need to add an external device, like the silicone. With the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL, you can get an augmentation of your buttock, just adding fat from your body. In this procedure, the doctor makes liposuction of the areas where there is a little bit more fat. Once the fat is removed from these zones, the fat is purified and then added in balanced proportions to some areas of your butts so that you can get a natural look.

In order to apply to a BBL procedure, the best option is that you had extra fat in some areas, such as hips, waist, back, and thigh, so there is space to remove fat and add it to your derrière. It is also important to be in good health, and that doesn't have a medical condition.

Who is a good candidate for buttock implants?

Not everybody qualifies for buttock augmentation with implants, so if you want to be a good candidate, you have to:

  • Feel that you are losing some of the natural volumes of your butt.
  • Look that there are signs of sagginess and flatness.
  • Think that you can obtain a better silhouette and improve the proportions of your butts.
  • Keep a good lifestyle.
  • No smoke A

In any case, the best you can do is to visit one of our specialists, so he can make you an evaluation and explain to you which is the best for you.

Butt implants sizes and shapes

There exist different types of implants, and you can choose depending on your body and the evaluation of a specialist surgeon.

According to the shape, you can find round or oval implants. The selection will depend on the form of your buttock, your desired results, and the evaluation of your doctor. However, round butt implants are most common to use, because they give a more prominent projection. And they are more flexible, so if there is a rotation of the silicone, so the shape is going to be the same, and it's not going to look weird in that position.

Butt implant sizes will vary from 200cc to 700cc. The best measure to use will also depend on what you hope to achieve and the size that best fits you. That's why it is crucial to get an evaluation from a specialist, and at Avana Plastic Surgery, we can guide you to choose the best option.

If we talk about filling, it could be a cohesive silicone or solid silicone. And the surface of the implant can be smooth or textured.

Butt Implant procedure

To begin with the procedure, the surgeon applies general anesthesia so that you won't feel any pain during the surgery. Once the anesthesia has made an effect, the doctor makes an incision in your butt crack, and then insert the silicone on both sides.

For most surgeons, the best technique to make a butt implant procedure is inside the muscles and no over them, that's because you don't lose the natural view of your butts, and obtain a proportional result. In addition to this, people may suffer some complications if it is placed on the top.

When the surgeon finishes with the implants, then he sutures the tissue layers and the incision. The doctor may add a tube to drain the accumulation of fluid during the time of healing. Furthermore, the doctor could put a compression garment just to diminish swelling, waiting time of recovery.

Butt implant incisions

When a patient decides to make a butt augmentation surgery, the doctor has several places to make the incision. Still, the best location most surgeons prefer is to make the incision is down the center of the sacrum. At the moment of the procedure, your surgeon will make two parallel incisions between the cheeks of your butts; they could be from 4 to 6 centimeters long. This location is preferred because scars can be hidden.

intramuscular gluteal implants


There exist some places that could be used to make butt implants. One of the preferred techniques of surgeons is Intramuscular Buttock Augmentation, which means within the muscles of your butts. This procedure can reduce the visibility of the implant perimeter; leave outstanding results, and there are no high risks or complications. An intergluteal incision is made and ends above the coccyx. And, another incision made is the bilateral parasacral. This procedure is the best placement to achieve long-term results.

In addition to this place, it exists the Subfascial Gluteal augmentation or "on the top of the muscle." The first 3 to 6 months may look great, but after that, the implant can be notorious and palpable. So, we recommend you to see a specialized surgeon at Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami, so he can help you choose the best option for your body and characteristics.

Recovery from butt implants surgery

After the surgery takes place, it is essential to take off two to three weeks of recovery since it is possible to experiment with some swelling and bruising during this time of healing, and you may have pain from your butt to your thighs.

To give time to heal the incision, you cannot sit on your butts for the first two weeks. You need to walk and stand, and you can sleep on your back. It could be possible, as well, to feel uncomfortable when you sit, so the best you can do is to use a pillow when you get back to work.

It is four to six weeks after the butt implants surgery that most people can return to their normal life and activities. And it is important to not exercise for eight weeks.

Risks and complications from gluteal implants

There exist a high satisfaction rate thanks to butt implants surgery results. Still, in some cases, we cannot forget that it could be possible to have some risks, such as excess of bleeding after the surgery, scars, pain, infection, allergic reactions to some medicines. Also, some patients experience side effects due to anesthesia, muscle and nerve damage, or separation of the incision. In some cases, the patient could need a revision or a butt implant removal if complications don't improve.

In addition to this, it is important to consider the size of the silicone. If it is too big, the risk also is going to be big. So, you have to be sure that the size you choose is the best for your body. Some specialized doctors think that 350cc (cubic centimeters) is the maximum size they would work because if it is more significant, risks and complications will appear later.

Another risk that exists is silicone injections. In recent years, many women have experimented very painful and, in some cases, fatal results due to unlicensed professionals that make illegal procedures with silicone injections, just because it is a cheaper method than plastic surgery. So, please pay attention to the place you choose to make this procedure and the surgeons that work for them.


Butt implants cost in Miami may vary from $4,300 to $14,000, with an average cost of $9,025. The final price will depend on the specifications of your plastic surgery. It may include the size and shape you choose to your butts if there is fat transfer or only implants, the anesthesia used during the surgery, the place where the procedure is done, and other procedures that the doctor may consider for each case.

How long do buttock implants last?

Butt implants are considered to be permanent since there is no rupture or leak. These implants are made of a silicone gel that is stable and feels stiff like a muscle. They are resistant so you can sit comfortably and feel no fear thinking of a possible break of the gluteal implant. But, it is always important to see your doctor for future revisions, and if you want to make an adjustment in size or shape.

Contact a surgeon today for a consultation

Butt implants in Miami is a very common surgery in the last years, so you can consult one of the specialized surgeons in Avana Plastic Surgery, who will be pleased to guide you during this process. One of our doctors will make you an evaluation, examine the possibilities you have, and will help you to achieve excellent results with your butt implant surgery, that will make you feel comfortable, secure, beautiful, and natural.

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