Breast Lift Miami

Breast lift Miami, also known as “Mastopexy,” can help counteract this and postpone the effects of gravity by raising and reshaping the breasts beautifully.

This procedure can also be combined with liposuction where unwanted fat from the abdomen is removed into the breasts, or with breast augmentation for women who wish to achieve more volume. A breast lift Miami by itself doesn’t adjust the size of the breast but instead, make them appear more youthful. To produce optimal results, patients who wish to undergo breast lift Miami should hire a surgeon with extensive experience in this particular procedure.

This article includes the basics of your breast lift Miami. We hope all your questions are answered and you contact us to find out more about this incredible procedure performed by top surgeons in South Florida.

Am I a candidate for breast lift surgery?

Any woman who is healthy with standard mammography may qualify for a breast lift Miami. However, they must have sufficient body fat. Women looking to have one cup size larger can combine breast lift surgery with breast augmentation. Also, women who have undergone breast augmentation in the past yet lack fullness or have contour problems may reshape their breasts with breast lift Miami.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a good candidate for breast lift surgery must have overall good health and maintain a healthy weight, a nonsmoker, unhappy with the shape of her breasts, nipples and areolas.

Breast Lift Miami before and after photos

Warning. May contain nudity

Breast Lift Miami before and after

Warning. May contain nudity

Breast Lift Miami before and after

Should I get a Breast Lift with implants or not?

Patients with nipples at or below the breast fold who have a significant degree of skin laxity generally need a breast lift procedure. For example, for patients considering breast augmentation, when the nipples are too low, implants may sit too high. Combining this procedure with a breast lift can help lift the nipple to an optimal position over the implant. Also, for patients who have too much loose skin due to extreme weight loss or pregnancy, a mastopexy can help tighten the skin and create a youthful look.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, patients who have lost breast volume over the years may choose to combine breast augmentation with breast lift surgery:

“…if you would like your breasts to be larger or smaller, a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation or reduction may be the right option for you.”

How much does a breast lift cost?

The cost of breast lift in Miami can vary with each patient depending on the nature of the procedure and whether it was combined with another. The cost will be discussed during your initial breast lift consultation at Avana Plastic Surgery. According to RealSelf, the mastopexy cost is $2,900 - $12,500 with an average cost of $7,900. Breast lift surgery with implants will cost an average of $8,775.

Breast Lift Procedure

At Avana Plastic Surgery, our goal is all patients that come to our cosmetic centers reach their beauty goals. From the moment you contact us to schedule your initial consultation all the way to recovery, we make sure all your needs are met.

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Your breast lift consultation at Avana Plastic Surgery

Your initial breast lift consultation at Avana Plastic Surgery can help you create an excellent foundation for breast lift surgery. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the vital aspects of breast lift so you can make an informed decision. You can ask any questions you may have. Your surgeon will seek input about your health and aesthetic goals so he can create a surgery plan based on your feedback and in line with your goals. The consultation is generally created ahead of the breast lift surgery, so the patient has plenty of time to prepare and follow up pre-op care instructions.

After your medical records are carefully revised, the surgeon will determine candidacy and may also order mammograms and other tests depending on your specific case and medical history. Patients with an underlying condition may need to address it before surgery. Your surgeon will also assess your cosmetic goals, whether you are looking for a prominent look or subtle improvement. Based on the patient’s feedback, a technique is chosen, and the patient is explained the benefits as well as limitations of a breast lift procedure. In some cases, a breast lift Miami may be combined with an additional procedure to achieve maximum results.

The costs and financing issues are also discussed during your initial breast lift consultation. You will be shown before and after breast lift pictures and testimonials of past patients so you can have an idea of the results you will get and set realistic expectations. There are a few things your surgeon may require from you such as stay off smoking and adjust your schedule, arrange for transportation on the day of your surgery, a and so on. Some specific questions your surgeon may ask you:

  • An overview of your medical history
  • Whether you have any family history of breast cancer
  • If you are taking any medications and supplements
  • Your expectations

What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon about a breast lift procedure?

You should be free to ask your surgeon any questions you may have so you can make the correct decision for you. Noting down a few questions in advance can help you prepare for your initial consultation. Some questions you may ask with brief answers include:

  • What can I expect from breast lift surgery? This procedure raises your breasts and also improves firmness and shape.
  • How will this procedure affect the size of my breasts? The goal is not modifying the size of your breasts but rather creating a youthful look. Breasts may look smaller after surgery because excess sagging tissue has been removed.
  • How can I prepare for the procedure? You should be provided with instructions on how to prepare for surgery and recovery.
  • How often do you perform this procedure? Your surgeon should perform breast lifts routinely. Besides training and education, the experience is crucial to guarantee superior results.
  • Can I see photographs of your breast lift surgery patients? Every experienced surgeon will have plenty of before and after breast lift photos to show you.
  • Do you specialize in breast lifts only? If you intend to combine your breast lift surgery with another procedure, you should find out whether your surgeon has experience doing so.
  • How long will it take? Every case is different. After your surgeon takes a look at your specific situation, he should be able to tell you how long more or less your breast lift surgery will take. This procedure generally takes up to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

Breast Lift Infographics

Breast lift incisions infographic
Why a breast lift

Breast Lift Techniques

The techniques employed in breast lift depend on the amount of sagging skin to be removed. There are several incisions used for this procedure:

  • The Anchor – This incision is ideal for women who have significant loose skin and may seek to combine a breast reduction with a mastopexy since it allows for a better lift. It consists of a circle around the edges of the areola and a vertical line downward.
  • The Lollipop – This incision is also known as the keyhole incision ideal for women with moderate sagging. It may not be as effective as the Anchor because it will limit access to the area.
  • The Donut – Also known as the periareolar, this incision consists of two circles around each areola. When combined with breast augmentation, breast tissue is removed and the implant placed. Periareolar is confined only around the areola.
  • The Crescent – A less common incision sought after by women who want to raise their nipples to a higher position. A small incision is made at the top of the curve of the areola and skin is removed to make the nipples point upward.

Breast Lift Procedure Explained

A breast lift is aimed at creating a lifting effect that enhances the shape of the breast and relocates the areola. During surgery, the surgeon will remove excess skin and sculpt the breasts to create a more natural shape and youthful look. The following steps will help you have a better understanding of what to expect during a breast lift surgery:

  • General anesthesia, intravenous sedation, and medications are administered according to the surgeon’s recommendation.
  • The surgeon will use the incision discussed during your initial consultation to achieve the expected cosmetic goals.
  • The tissue is removed and repositioned. Breast tissue is reduced, lifted and shaped. The nipple is repositioned and areola reduced if necessary. In cases involving very large breasts, the areola and nipple may need to be removed entirely and transplanted to a higher and natural-looking position.
  • Incisions are closed and sutures layered to support the breast in place. While the incision lines are permanent, they will look better with time.
  • Visible results – You will notice the results right after surgery. The swelling and breast lift scars will fade as you recover and your breast will look amazing.

Recovery after a Breast Lift in Miami

During your breast lift recovery time, dressings and bandages are applied to the incisions and patients are instructed to wear a support bra or elastic bandage for the first three days to help with swelling and discomfort. Drains are placed under the skin to drain excess blood or fluid, and patients are provided with post-op instructions regarding caring for the breasts after surgery, medications to help with healing and infection, concerns to look for at the surgical site and follow up with your surgeon.

Patients can take a shower the day after surgery, and they are encouraged to walk around to reduce the risk of blood clots. During the first week of recovery, someone should stay with the patient, particularly those with small children. Most patients go back to work within a week, but they should avoid any strenuous activity. The discomfort should be gone after six weeks of breast lift recovery time.

Risks and limitations of a Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery comes with risks and potential complications just like any other surgical breast enhancement procedure. It all depends on the size of the incisions used. The larger the incisions, the more risks they will pose, including delayed wound healing and vicious scaring. These risks can be avoided depending on your surgeon’s skill and expertise. While some of the risks can be avoided others might occur. Patients that smoke and fail to follow post-op recommendations may experience more complications. Other risks for this procedure include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Seroma and hematoma
  • Infection
  • Risks associated with the type of anesthesia used
  • Dissatisfied with the results

For patients with severe ptosis, a lot of skin tissue will have to be removed, so patients are left with much smaller breasts. This is one of the limitations of a breast lift. The breast will not be the same size as before. However, your surgeon will estimate what the size of your breast after surgery will be. If you have very large breasts, you may need to combine a breast lift procedure with a breast reduction.

What results can you expect after a Mastopexy?

The results are visible right after surgery, and the final results will be seen over the next few months. Your bra size may be smaller because your breasts are now firmer and rounder. Mastopexy scars fade over time, and the results are long-lasting. It is natural for your breasts to change as you age and become less elastic with some sagging. However, you can retain the new look as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain your weight. Follow your surgeons’ instructions and the procedure will be a complete success.

Breast Lift Miami FAQs