Post-op lymphatic drainage massage in Miami

Most women undergo plastic surgeries to achieve their desired silhouette. They come to our aesthetic center Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami, with a lot of expectations and illusions, waiting for excellent results.

But, those excellent results not only depend on the work made by the surgeon. Of course, the ability and talent of our doctors in Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami are essential factors on the outcome of each aesthetic procedure. However, the post-op care of the patient is also determinant to have better results.

That's why you should take into account each recommendation made by your surgeon, after your surgery and during the post-op time. One of these recommendations is the post-op lymphatic drainage massage. This procedure is recommended for most specialists and needed to improve and accelerate recovery.

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized massage technique applied to stimulate the lymphatic system. Through this technique, blood circulation and removal of toxins and liquids are favored.

Our body eliminates toxins, naturally, through urine and sweat. Still, when the lymphatic system is stimulated, it works quickly, strengthening our defenses. Thus, after the surgery, recovery is better and quicker.

It is necessary to stress that theses massages must be done by specialists and under strict medical indications. The frequency and quantity of massages will depend on the necessities of each patient.

Importance of Post-op lymphatic drainage massage

As we mentioned before, lymphatic drainage massages are crucial during the post-op procedure, because they contribute with patient recovery. In addition to this, there exist another benefit that provides this technique:

  • This type of massage accelerates the healing of skin and tissues.
  • Improve blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.
  • Reduce swelling and pain after the surgery.
  • Diminish recovery time.
  • This massage contributes to the removal of anesthesia and medicines used during the operation.
  • Hydrates skin and improve its look.

Post-op lymphatic drainage massages are crucial to purify your lymph system and liberate it from an excess of fluid.

How is applied the lymphatic drainage?

After your surgery at Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami, your doctor can recommend a professional who knows how to make lymphatic drainage massages. You must remember that any person cannot make this procedure. Because if these massages are not applied correctly, it can affect the results of your surgery.

In general terms, lymphatic drainage massages consist of a series of soft and concrete movements, which are made in a particular order that looks for stimulating the lymphatic system. It is not a deep massage, but light and soft massages.

This type of massages is applied to facilitate drainage of lymphatic fluid so that we can avoid the appearance of edema or swelling. Likewise, we can prevent possible fibrosis or hardening of the skin.

Furthermore, lymphatic drainage massages will help you to alleviate your possible discomfort and pain after the surgery. For example, bruising can be painful and uncomfortable.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage after cosmetic surgery

Once you get cosmetic surgery, during the healing process, your body produces swelling. When a plastic or cosmetic surgery is made, especially tummy tuck and liposuction, natural tracks of the lymphatic system are interrupted due to the areas treated in those procedures.

Thus, lymphatic drainage massages are necessary to relax the body, diminish scars, enhance the immune system, alleviate pain, and remove toxins from the tissues.

Post-surgery garments to assist after lymphatic drainage massage

Compression garments, such as tights, gloves, sleeves, and stickings, are ideal, to begin with, lymphatic drainage massages since they can help to keep the body ready for this process.

This type of garment will help to prevent the accumulation of toxins and let them flow freely. A right combination between a compression garment and exercises will facilitate the moving of fluids and decongest the vessels of the treated limbs.

In any case, your doctor will guide you to choose the right garment for your body.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent method that helps to stimulate some areas where the fluid is buildup. Besides, this treatment has other benefits to your body and healing time, such as:

  • Relieving of stress and fatigue.
  • Removal of toxins, bacterias, excess of water, and other substances from the tissues.
  • This treatment helps with the alleviation of pain thanks to its soft and gentle massages.
  • Diminishing the appearance of scars, regenerating tissues of the body where surgical incisions were made.
  • Acceleration of recovery time and healing.
  • Relaxation of the body.

As you can see, there exist a lot of benefits of lymphatic drainage massage. As we mentioned before, this treatment helps the body to reduce swelling by removing wastes and proteins that are accumulated in some regions of your body.

What to expect at your first lymphatic massage treatment

When you decide to go to a specialist in lymphatic drainage massage, you should know that this procedure is entirely standard, and if it is made in the right way, then you will feel more comfortable.

If it is your first session, the doctor will talk to you about your condition or if you have had plastic surgery so that he will choose the effective treatment for you. To begin with this procedure, you need to undress and lie down on the table massage. Then, the therapist will start with light and rhythmic strokes to stimulate your lymphatic system and your fluids. First, it is crucial to decongest your lymph nodes. This because we don't want to overwhelm them when the doctor begins massages to send the lymph fluid to areas like abdomen, back of the knees, groin, underarms, etc.

These massages are not deep. They should be light, gentle and circular movements, with changes of rhythm, to improve blood circulation, removal of wastes, toxins, and other substances. It is essential to stimulate the lymphatic system so that your body could work efficiently and extend your health benefits.

Cost of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage costs may vary between $75 and $100. This price will depend on the areas that are going to be treated, the number of sessions recommended by the specialist, and the place you perform the treatment.

Your first consultation at Avana Plastic Surgery

It is essential to know that performing a lymphatic drainage massage in Miami could be an excellent option if you have gotten plastic surgery. And you have indicated you some sessions of lymph drainage to improve your blood circulation and make removal of some wastes and toxins. Furthermore, this treatment will help to reduce pain after the surgery, diminish bruising and swelling, and hydrates your skin.

So, if you have any questions, our specialists in Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami will help you to clarify any doubt. They will be pleased to guide you through this process. Call us today, and get your free consultation with our specialist (305) 501-6000. At Avana, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

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