5 Facts About the Mommy Makeover

5 facts about the mommy makeover

Pregnancy has tremendous effects on women's bodies. After months of hormonal fluctuations and dietary changes nourishing her child in the womb, a mother's body is likely to have changed. She may experience sagging stomachs or breasts or excess skin and fat. Thus, she may turn to plastic surgeries like the mommy makeover, which can correct these issues, to restore the suppleness and youth of her body. So what is a mommy makeover? Below we'll address 5 things to know regarding the mommy makeover.

1-. The mommy makeover is not one procedure but a set of procedures.

The mommy makeover can incorporate the tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation or lift, arm or thigh lifts, buttock augmentation, or labiaplasty. Indeed, there is significant leeway in determining which procedures will be used to restore your body after your pregnancy. One mommy makeover might be quite different from the next since one may answer to needs a patient may have—like a need to restructure their vaginal folds—that another patient may not. The procedure can thus be highly comprehensive, involved, and transformative. In most cases, the makeover is very nifty because the procedures could all be done on the same day, saving you the need to go to the clinic more than once, which is not cost-effective.

2-. The procedure is usually (though not always) demanded by women who experience significant changes in their bodies.

When a woman is pregnant, she experiences fluctuating hormones and physical bodily changes. Women may finish their pregnancies with sagging stomachs and sometimes may experience a condition called diastasis recti when the six-pack ab muscles in the abdomen separate as a result of the baby's growth in the womb. The tummy tuck procedure, possibly the most significant component of the mommy makeover, restores the abdominal wall by suturing the muscle. This distension of the muscle is what often produces the sagging, bulging stomach, especially when a recently pregnant mother foregoes wearing a compression garment following her pregnancy and loses her skin elasticity. You should therefore keep in mind that while the makeover might involve some degree of tissue and fat extraction, it is not a weight-losing procedure. In fact, as many surgeons point out, you should be in excellent health before your makeover to facilitate your recovery and ensure that everything goes without a problem.

3-. The mommy makeover often involves breast augmentation or breast lift.

Most mommy makeovers will incorporate a breast procedure, though, as with any makeover, whether it does is up to you. Women's breasts get larger during pregnancy in preparation for breastfeeding. After pregnancy, the breasts might shrink or deflate back to their pre-pregnancy size.

Depending on your aesthetic wishes and the post-partum shape of your breasts, you might opt for breast augmentation. This procedure works best if the deflation of the breast allows an implant to fill up the gap. Women with good skin elasticity and perkiness might benefit from the augmentation more than the lift.

On the other hand, women who lost their skin elasticity and who may have left their pregnancies with sagging breasts may wish for a breast lift or reduction. Both reposition the breast and restore its perkiness. The reduction diminishes the size through certain tissue extractions.

4-. You should get a mommy makeover after you are finished with your hormonal changes.

Some women may experience their breasts "deflating" after their pregnancies or after they are finished breastfeeding. Changes in hormonal activity largely control this, and it's not rare for other bodily changes to take place, such as weight fluctuating up and down. You should get a mommy makeover only after these changes are finished. You should get the mommy makeover when you are at a stable or normal weight, as these fluctuations could impact the success of your final results. Similarly, the mommy makeover is recommended for women who have finished having babies. As we mentioned above, when the mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck, it restructures the abdominal wall, which may have separated as a result of pregnancy. Another pregnancy may lead to the abdominal wall splitting again.

5-. Women and mothers are not the only ones that can get the makeover.

A similar set of procedures is also available to men. The "daddy makeover" is similar to the mommy makeover in that it involves a tummy tuck and can incorporate a breast procedure in the form of gynecomastia surgery. The daddy makeover is perfect for men who have undergone rapid weight loss and do not have as much skin elasticity. The daddy makeover could address excess fat and skin tissue around the waist, while the gynecomastia surgery can correct unappealing and sagging male breasts.

Again, though mothers stand to benefit most from the procedures, they are not the only ones who can benefit from the procedure. As in the case with the daddy makeover, the mommy makeover can be quite helpful for women who lost weight faster than they retained their skin elasticity. Furthermore, the procedure could pair well with other more non-invasive procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Don't hesitate to ask your Avana surgeons if you have more questions about the mommy makeover and how you can fit it into your lifestyle!