Choosing the Best Profile for Your Breast

choosing the best profile for your breast

Our breasts can be affected by different imperfections that cause many of us all over the world to seek help from plastic surgery to improve its appearance. This can be anything, from the breasts size that are too big or too small, asymmetrical, sagging or damaged by trauma. Breast surgery is the solution that can satisfy the demands of women who are dissatisfied with their breasts for physical, psychological or purely aesthetic reasons.

When performing breast implant surgery, one big concern patients have is its size. So, it is the projection of the implant that determines how much the breast will project from the thorax. The ideal profile is different for each patient focused on the considerations of the body proportions and the result they are looking for.

The implant profile is very important

The sensation of a larger or smaller prosthesis is determined by the projection of the implant. It must be considered that the projection of the implant is in addition to the one you already have before surgery. A higher profile, more perception of large breasts, since it becomes “showier”.

The profiles or projections are measured according to their degree, and there are normally 3 or 4 types for each prosthesis. In breast augmentation, the high profile (3/4) or the extra high (4/4) is usually used, leaving the medium profile (2/4) for women who want very subtle increases that barely protrude from their chest.

In girls with small breasts, it will be mandatory to use high or extra high projections. A 350-gram medium projection implant will be wider, taller and less projected than a 350-gram high projection implant as well. Between the two, the one with high projection will always appear larger, since it will protrude further out (greater projection).

Once the right profile for your implant is chosen, the position of the breast is just as important as the size. When a breast augmentation intervention is carried out, it is important that the surgeon guarantees the perfect location of the breast, regardless of its dimensions.

Now, which implant profile is right for you?

The surgeon is responsible for evaluating each patient individually and must recommend and explain the best choice. The ideal profile must follow these considerations:

  • Patient body proportions, breast size and shape
  • Characteristics of the skin and mammary gland
  • Objective or result that is trying to be achieved.

What breast implant size is the most used in U.S.A.?

In the U.S.A the most popular procedures are usually breast enlargement and liposuction. However, in the breast implant surgery industry something is changing as it sees more and more women entering the operating room to reduce the size of their breasts.

Nowadays, those in the 34-36DD range are still reigning. But how good is the idea to get an implant of that size? Everything depends.

Curiously, many women, who already are in the 36DD range, keep opting for high profile implants, especially in Latin America and Europe. Though, this could be because it is the measure that best relates to the proportions of the patient’s body.

Or let’s say you are a small person, so an implant of 36DD may be too big for you and it could not be able to stratify your need or, simply, it may not have the look you are expecting. It could also happen if you are a very tall person. The case is that you are not out of trend because the implant should match the ideal size for you, only you.

Recommendations for choosing the ideal breast implant size

Before performing any breast implant surgery, there are some cautious steps to make the best decision (in addition to having decided with your doctor the size of the breast implant that is appropriate for you); some of the most important are listed next:

  • Size is important... but subjective

    Tell your surgeon, in your own words, the size of the implant in your head.

  • The profile of a breast implant is very important

    The projection of the implant is the measure of how much the implant protrudes out, that is, the degree to which your future breast will come out of your thorax.

  • Simulation is the most important phase of the consultation

    Never get into plastic surgery without having performed a simulation of the possible results on your own body.

  • Let yourself be advised by an experienced Plastic Surgeon

Where can you find the best plastic surgery service?

Remember that as a general rule, the larger the size, the more augmented, less natural, it will look, although this depends a lot on a multitude of factors: previous breast size, skin laxity, previous pregnancies or past weight changes, position of the nipples, type of thorax, height etc...

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