Platelet-Rich Plasma And Fat Grafting

platelet rich plasma and fat grafting

One of the most attractive areas of a woman's body is the buttocks, which is why many of them need to attend this area. But the reality is that it is also an area highly susceptible to present certain imperfections. Luckily, today we can count on fat grafting, whose autologous filling achieves excellent results to improve the complete aesthetics of the buttocks.

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a biological substance that is obtained from the patient's blood, which means that it does not cause rejection by the body. Because it belongs to the patient, it is compatible and fully absorbable.

The results obtained are favorable because it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, therefore improved the firmness and elasticity of the buttocks.

How does this procedure work?

A Liposuction is performed preferably on the abdomen and hips to extract the fat that will be injected into the buttocks. For longer-lasting results, the fat is injected with Platelet-Rich Plasma, which makes a difference in the results, especially in terms of the duration of the injected fat.

The plasma is obtained from the patient's blood; which is processed to separate the plasma and then is added to the fat cells before they are injected, achieving an uplift, harmonic with the body silhouette.

Usually, this process causes mild pain during the procedure and subsequently, a discomfort that is managed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory for three days.

Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Grafting with platelet-rich plasma?

As with any other plastic procedure, there are always risks which should be considered. Fat grafting with platelet-rich plasma may not be right for everyone.

An ideal candidate for plasma treatment is someone who wants to get good results without affecting their skin with harmful toxins. At Avana Plastic Surgery, we are pride in our work, and the results speak for themselves. For more information about this or any other procedure, contact us today.

Are the results of platelet-rich plasma and fat grafting permanent?

Fat grafting with platelet-rich plasma can minimize the appearance of aging for years; but, it does not stop the clock. As time passes, you may need to repeat the procedure. The transplanted fat cells are expected to remain in their new location permanently.

Is this procedure safe?

Because it is an autologous substance, there is no danger or risk of toxicity. Also, side effects decrease, since it does not generate an allergic reaction. On the contrary, it is a totally safe substance and technique, as long as it is carried out by a qualified surgeon.

What happens during your first consultation?

During your first consultation, your surgeon is going to evaluate you and advise you if it is necessary to use Platelet-Rich Plasma together with Fat Grafting so that you get the best outcome possible. Your surgeon needs to tell you the percentage of improvement you're going to get with this treatment, so you can have a realistic expectation of the results you can get.

You should communicate all your concerns and questions to your surgeon. Tell him what bothers you most about the area you want to improve, and what you hope to achieve with this treatment, so you'll be easier to guide yourself through the process. Photographs of the area you want to treat will always be taken so that we can track more accurately the changes that are observed in the following months.

Collecting The Patient's Plasma

A certified phlebotomist will take out a small amount of blood from the patient, and then it is immediately placed in the centrifuge to facilitate the separation of the platelets obtained from the blood.

Once the platelets have been separated from the blood itself, it is very easy to extract a clear fluid called plasma. This is the fluid that will be enriched together with the platelets and then use during the fat grafting procedure.

Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Fat Grafting

For those women who want to increase the size of their buttocks, fat grafting makes it possible and thanks to the platelet-rich in plasma, you can improve the firmness of the skin. Some of the benefits that we can see are:

  • Promotes the regeneration of the skin.
  • Improves skin condition and reduces sagging skin.
  • Improve wound healing.
  • Platelet rich plasma is used to repair white stretch marks or cellulite found on the skin.
  • As an autologous treatment, there are no side effects.

Platelet-Rich Plasma and Fat Grafting at Avana Plastic Surgery

If you are considering fat grafting with platelet-rich plasma to enhance your booty, contact Avana Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve the results that you are looking for.