Should you consider a mommy makeover?

should you consider a mommy makeover

After pregnancy, most women experience unwelcomed and permanent effects, particularly in the midsection and breasts. These are the natural changes during such an exciting time in your life. Motherhood is one of life’s greatest joys, but the aftermath of pregnancy can be a bit upsetting for most women. Your post-pregnancy body is far from being perfect. Therefore, you may need some cosmetic fixing in some regions of the body, which we can provide here at Avana as part of your mommy makeover.

Mommy makeover candidates

If you are healthy and would like to address the effects of pregnancy on your body such as excess fat, skin laxity, lack of volume, and the unforgiving stretch marks, you may be a good candidate for a mommy makeover. Other common concerns such as excess body fat, postpartum belly, sagging breasts, and poor waistline contours, may be present.

Procedures included in the mommy makeover

Based on the extent of surgery and areas you wish to address, you will need some of the procedures listed below to achieve the anticipated results. Keep in mind, the process can take between three to six hours.

  • Liposuction – This procedure is ideal for addressing localized fat in multiple areas of the body.
  • Tummy tuck – Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck will remove excess tissue in the abdomen and repair abdominal muscles with the results being a firmer and tighter abdomen and narrow waist.
  • Breast enhancement – Whether you choose breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift, the results can be very rewarding, especially after pregnancy. Breast augmentation will increase the breast size and improve shape while breast lift surgery will eliminate all the sagging and raise the breasts to a higher position.

Some things to consider

There are some things worth considering before starting your mommy makeover transformation. Recovering from childbirth, for example, may take a while for most moms. You should wait for several months after having a baby. Also, if you plan on having more children in the near future, you may want to postpone your mommy makeover until your childbearing days are complete. It’s also advised to maintain a stable weight for several months before surgery and to remain active after surgery to keep the results lasting longer. Scarring is also another issue to consider. The size of the incisions is based on the procedures performed and how well post-operative instructions are followed.

We are here for you

Being a mom is one of the most fulfilling experiences a woman will ever have, but it can be challenging as well. You deserve to pamper yourself from time to time. If you are considering a mommy makeover, we would love to hear from you and give you some insightful advice. Our main goal is helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals in a safe and caring environment. Call us today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals.