Top 5 Tummy Tuck recovery tips

top 5 tummy tuck recovery tips

Having a Tummy Tuck is an important decision. Many women undergo this cosmetic procedure because they want to achieve a much flatter abdomen and remove the excess of hanging skin.

To get the results you expect, it's not just about choosing the right surgeon or the best aesthetic center. The recovery process is also very important.

You're likely to have a lot of questions about this procedure. How long is the recovery after Tummy Tuck surgery? When will I be able to see my final results? When can I return to my everyday activities? So, it's important to understand that depending on each person, the body needs time to recover and adapt to changes.

The recovery time of a Tummy Tuck depends on the process of healing the incision made in the belly area. The postoperative process usually lasts between 2 and 4 weeks, although this depends on several factors such as the patient's age or health status prior to surgery.

In many cases, patients get anxious and impatient because they do not see results immediately, but it is vital to understand that a Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic surgery in which a large incision is made, therefore, time is required to heal to get the final results.

However, if you want to speed up your recovery process so that you can be able to see your results as soon as possible, you should follow your doctor's instructions for a perfect post-op. In addition, here are 5 wonderful tips that will help you during the recovery process so you can see in less time the results you have long for.

5 essential tips for a perfect recovery

  1. Hydrate often. A good water intake will make it easier for both your kidney and your intestine to function better, which is essential for proper healing. Drinking at least 60 oz. of water will keep your body hydrated.
  2. You should wear the compression garments your surgeon has prescribed. And you must use them until the doctor tells you otherwise. The garments help reduce swelling and make the skin adapt to its new smooth, firm physical shape.
  3. Eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet will help you achieve optimal recovery. Foods such as salmon, chicken, fruits, and vegetables are ideal for supplying your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need for a perfect evolution. If you have doubt, talk to your surgeon so he can determine a new diet to follow that makes the task easier.
  4. Starting a routine of exercise a week after surgery can help you heal faster and completely. However, you should only do this if your surgeon allows it, and it should be moderate exercise and with great caution. You will need to be particularly cautious about lifting and carrying objects for at least six weeks after your operation.
  5. Use compression socks; this will help reduce the risk of blood clots.

If you follow these tips, and you meet your doctor's recommendations, you'll see impressive results in no time.

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