What to realistically expect from a BBL?

what to realistically expect from a bbl

If you are bothered by how your pants or dresses are sagging, a BBL could be the right solution for you. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kardashian, have rocked the red carpet with their ample bottoms. So it’s natural for commoners to crave the sexy curves. After all, having the large behind of your dreams is no longer a thing of the past. While this procedure is incredibly effective, you must have realistic expectations or else deception is inevitable.

The goal

The goal of a BBL is to sculpt a patient’s figure into a more pleasing shape. This procedure helps to lift, enlarge and tighten the derriere to make it look and feel better. While a BBL is generally used to enhance your rear through fat transfer, it can also be very effective on patients who suffer from congenital disorders or have suffered from injuries that caused discomfort or trouble when walking and sitting.

Your new look

When your fat is harvested from your body and used as a filler to enhance the buttocks, you will be able to create natural-looking and feeling results that will last. On average, about 70% of the fat transferred will survive or become incorporated into your buttocks. In other words, what you already have is used to get what you actually want.

Keeping the results

Nothing in life comes easy. Maintaining a stable weight after a BBL requires effort and not many are willing to pay the price, therefore making the results less effective. While a BBL is quite effective at combining liposuction with a fat transfer, if you gain or lose weight in surrounding areas, your overall appearance will be affected. Following post-op instructions after a cosmetic procedure is crucial to ensure the best possible results.

What to expect during recovery

The BBL recovery process is different for everyone. In general, patients are advised to sleep on the stomach for six weeks and use a BBL pillow when sitting. Too much pressure on the buttocks can interfere with the fat transfer process causing less fat to survive. There will be bruising and minor discomfort after your procedure, which is very normal and it will fade within a week or two. Thankfully, the discomfort can be controlled with oral medication, which you must use as directed by your surgeon. Depending on how fast you recover, and your duties or responsibilities at work, you can go back to work in just a few days or weeks. However, most patients resume their routine activities four to six weeks after surgery.

Your butt and beyond

Our surgeons will sculpt you like clay. After a Brazilian butt lift, your body will look balanced, symmetrical, and perfectly contoured. Additional liposuction can be performed in the butt region to lift further and contour. So your overall body profile will improve making you look great from all angles. Your curves will be quite natural, and you will know what to wear to flatter your frame. Many of our patients report feeling more motivated after surgery as they can enjoy the new shape of their butt permanently. However, patients are advised to stay at healthy weight. Your new look should be enough motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s natural to feel a bit obsessed about your butt in the first few months but you will eventually get used to the idea.

Weight the costs

Many local and out-of-state patients prefer Avana Plastic Surgery due to the vast experience our surgeons have. If you only dreamt of having a BBL and never thought you could afford those expenses, we can make it possible thanks to several financing options available at our clinic. Depending on your credit history, you could be granted different financing terms. But it’s crucial you weight the costs, whether that includes the surgery center location, surgical expertise, the extend of your surgery and surgical techniques used by your surgeon.

Your BBL a phone call away

Change is not easy, but change is possible. If you are ready for a transformation, it all starts with a consultation. Book your appointment at Avana Plastic Surgery today and embrace the new you!