Why is Lipo 360 with BBL so popular in Miami?

why is lipo 360 with bbl so popular in miami

Liposuction combined with the BBL is one of Miami's most popular combinations of plastic surgeries. After celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, among others, became associated with the BBL, the popularity of the procedure soared. This was especially true in Miami, a city whose closeness to the beach means people are eagerly working on and showing off their bodies and which is also famous (or infamous!) for its flaunt-it-if-you-got-it culture.

Lipo 360, as the name implies, is a liposuction surgery that targets the entire circumference of the lower body. Unlike regular liposuction, which targets the abdominal region alone, Lipo 360 targets the lower abdomen, back, and can include regions of the middle back. Lipo 360 is simply a comprehensive liposuction procedure that targets your entire midsection.

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL), on the other hand, is a surgical procedure in which fat is extracted from one part of the body and reinjected into the buttocks to augment them and thereby "lift" them. The purpose of the BBL is not to produce a curvy body by large extractions of fat alone but rather to create a dramatically contrasting contour by augmenting the buttocks while slimming the waist.

Because liposuction is involved in the first stage of the BBL, Lipo 360 can pair well with it, depending on the amount of fat the patient wants to be extracted and reinjected. The success of the BBL is in creating a stark contrast between a slim waist and an augmented posterior. Since Lipo 360 is far more complete than regular liposuction, it can create a far slimmer, more contoured waist that would emphasize the buttock augmentation better.

You should, however, discuss this with your Avana surgeon. At your consultation, you will be able to provide your surgeon with your health and medical history and current dietary habits. You can also raise questions regarding the BBL with a Lipo 360 procedure. Indeed, BBLs are recommended for people with enough fat in the "donor" areas like the waist to supply the "donor" regions, the buttocks, for the augmentation. If you find yourself on the lower spectrum in terms of the quantity of available fat, you might probably benefit from a skinny BBL with regular liposuction. Lipo 360 would be perfect for women who have plenty of fat reserves in their bodies.

Last, Lipo 360 also incorporates elements of liposculpture. Where liposuction is the sheer extraction of fat, liposculpture involves fat "remodeling." Not only is the fat extracted from where it needs to be extracted, but it also includes the reshaping of the remaining fat deposits. This means that the surgeon can aesthetically reshape your waist and abdomen by strategically using the fat they leave behind. In men and women, this can involve leaving fat deposits in areas just above the abdominal muscles, where fat could enhance the visibility and presence of your abs.

Because liposuction removes fat cells and fat cells do not regenerate, you will feel the effects of liposuction for a long time. They will be permanent for as long as you maintain a generally healthy lifestyle in which your weight doesn't drastically fluctuate.

But What Happens If You Gain Weight?

Humans gain weight proportionally, meaning that you will gain weight all over your body simultaneously. Now, since you do not have as many fat cells in your abdomen as before due to liposuction, your fat will be stored in other areas of your body, like your arms and face. As a result, your surgeon will recommend that you avoid regaining weight.

Your surgeon will recommend that you maintain an active lifestyle. This will make you feel better and help keep the proportions the procedure will give your body. Working out with light weights and doing cardio are recommended after your recovery. These activities, combined with a balanced diet, will help regulate your weight and maintain the success of your final results.

Get in touch with your surgeon, who will provide you with personalized advice on the procedure that would best suit your aesthetic goals and desires.